Dietary guideline for certain diseases of old age

The planning of diet for an ailing old person largely depends on the individual vision of a treating physician in consideration of the age as well as the associated disease and a range of environmental factors. However, some guidelines are being given here as under.

1. Habitual constipation

• Predominantly liquid and semisolid diet.

• Rich fibre diet considering Agni Bala.

• Adequate water, preferably lukewarm.

• Fruits and green vegetables.

• A spoon of ghee in every meal.

• Appropriate dietary supplements, vitamins, minerals and a Rasayana recipe viz. Abhayarishta, Triphala, or fried Hareetaki churna at bed time.

2. Chronic Diarrhoea

• Reduce fat and protein content.

• Maintain fluid intake.

• Replace milk by Takra one cup 2-3 times a day.

• Add fruits like Bilva, Banana, Dadima.

• All foods should be warm, soft spices.

Krishara(khichadi) of rice, Munga Dal.

• Dietary supplements, vitamins, minerals and Rasayana recipes like Bilva churna, Kutaja-Bilva Panaka, Takrarishta etc.

3. Arthritis and Rheumatism

• Avoid non vegetarian food.

• Promote low protein diet.

• Avoid cold, stored raw foods

• Promote warm soft spicy food.

• Avoid all Kaphakara foods

• Lukewarm water medicated with Trikatu may be used for drinking.

Panchakola phanta half cup twice daily after major meals.

• Dietary supplements- Minerals, Vitamins and Rasayana recipes like

Guda-Ardraka, Draksharishta, Ashvagandha Rasayana, Amrita Bhallataka etc.

4. Diabetes Mellitus

• Low fat, low carbohydrate diet.

• Reduce Kaphaj articles of diet like sweet and oleus substances viz. sugars and sugar containing items- potatoes, raw rice and sweet fruits.

• Promote edible spices viz. Shunth, Pippai, Maricha, Rasona, Patola, Tejapatra.

• Warm food and drink.

• Lukewarm water medicated with Trikatu for drinking.

• Sprouted Methika seeds for chewing and swallowing as part of breakfast.

• Bitter leafy vegetables like Palaka, Bastuka, Karela, Patola etc.

• Fruits- Jambu, Bilva, Kapittha etc.

• Dietary supplements and Rasayana recipes viz. shilajatu, Ashvagandha,Amrita, Amalaki Rasayana, Jambu beeja.

5. Hypertension and IHD

• Reduce sugar and fat in food.

• Reduce salt intake as per clinical condition.

• Add soft spices to promote taste and to promote Agni.

• Promote bitter leafy vegetables and citrus fruits.

• Butter free milk and Takra.

• Avoid alcohol and coffee. Prefer green tea.

• Dietary supplements and Rasayana recipes viz. Arjuna twak curna, Ashvagandha.

6. Urinary diseases

• Low protein diet with adequate calories.

• Monitored salt water intake as per clinical condition.

• Fruits- citrus fruits

• Avoid spicy food.

• Avoid constipating food.

• Dietary supplements and Rasayana recipes viz. Shilajatu, Varuna, Shigru, Chandanasava.

7. Respiratory diseases

• Adequate calories and warm food.

• Avoid cold and raw uncooked food and other Kaphaja substances.

• Promote lukewarm spiced water for drinking.

• Avoid buttermilk, ice creams, too much of sweets and fatty meals.

• Bitter leafy vegetables.

• Dietary supplements and Rasayana recipes viz. Gud-Ardraka, Chyavanaprasha, Haridrakhanda, Shirishsadi Avaleha, Kantaakaryavaleha etc.

8. Hepatobiliary conditions

• Low fat, rich carbohydrate diet.

• Monitored salt and water intake.

• Bitter leafy vegetables and citrus fruits.

• Butter reduced milk and Takra

• Stop alcohol and coffee.

• Promote green tea.

• Dietary supplements and Rasayana recipes viz AmalakÍ Rasayana, Arogya Vardhin Vati, Phala Trikadi Phanta.

9. Infections and Malignancies

• Ensure adequate calories and protein supplements.

• Regulated salt water intake as per clinical condition.

• Ensure adequate mineral and vitamin supplement.

• Prefer warm and soft spicy food.

• Warm spiced water for drinking.

• Bitter leafy vegetables and citrus fruits.

• Dietary supplements and Rasayana recipes viz Amrita BhallatakaAmalaki Rasayana, Bhumyamalaki churna.

10. Agnimandya and Ajirna.

Langhana, Dipana, Pachana.

• Relatively semisolid/liquid diet.

• Warm spicy food.

• Lukewarm spiced water for drinking.

• Spiced vegetable soups.

• Replace milk by Takra.

• Appropriate dietary supplements and Agni bala vardhaka Rasayanas Viz. Lavana-Ardraka, Pippalyasava, Takrarishta.


Manual  on Geriatric Health Care,Department of AYUSH, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of India, New Delhi, India And Faculty of Ayurveda, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi,India2009

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