Ishaal (Purgation)

Ishaal (Purgation) is a special technique or process, which is used for expulsion of the waste matters (accumulated in intestine) through the bowels for the purpose of purification or cleansing.
Purgatives are widely used by the Unani physicians for intestinal evacuation in certain diseases. They have laid down certain rules for using this process. Compliance of this process is necessary because this method has direct effect on normal metabolic channel.
Evacuation of the bowels are brought about by taking laxative agents and drugs by inducing bowel movement.The drugs used for this purpose are sometimes mild, moderate or severe in nature according to the requirement of the body and the nature of the particular disease.
The main objectives of Ishaal (purgation) are:

  • To resolve the morbid/ waste matter from the intestine
  • To activate the derivative effect of intestine
  • To achieve the purpose of detoxification and antispasmodic effect