Kshara is a caustic, alkaline in nature obtained from the ashes of medicinal plants. It is a milder procedure compared to surgery and thermal cautery. It is the superior most among the sharp and subsidiary instruments because of performing excision, incision and scraping.  It is versatile, because even such places that are difficult in approach by ordinary measures can be treated by Kshara Karma. Kshara Karma is useful as the substitute of surgical instruments, because they can be used safely on the patients who are afraid of surgery.


  • On the basis of Administration –
    • Pratisaaraneeya Kshara – External application
    • Paneeya Kshara - Internal administration
  • On the basis of Concentration – Mild, Moderate and Highly


The Panchanga (whole plant) of Apamarga (Achyranthes aspera) 5 kgs should be collected, dried up and burnt. The whole ash 500 gms were collected and mixed with 6 times (approx 3 liters) of water and filtered 21 times. The filtrate is clean and clear like color of cow’s urine and it is kept on mil