Can diabetes be cured?
No. Diabetes cannot be cured. It can only be controlled. In certain cases of type 2 diabetics who are obese, weight reduction can achieve a normal state without use of dru

Why is diabetes becoming a problem in our country?
Indians have significantly high rates of diabetes when compared to other ethnic groups such as Europeans, Africans and the like. This is attributed to high genetic susceptibility and rapid change in life style. Recent studies have shown that the prevalence of diabetes in India is as high as 12 to 18% of the adult population especially in urban areas. The magnitude of the problem is likely to increase. Diabetes occurs at a younger age in India.

Can a person have diabetes without symptoms?
Yes. The common symptoms of diabetes are excessive thirst, excessive hunger and frequent urination. The person may also feel weak and exhausted. These symptoms are associated with severe diabetes. Very often many people do not have these characteristic symptoms even when the blood sugar levels are in the diabetic range. Many have vague symptoms and complain of body pain and lassitude, etc. Hence, it is difficult to detect diabetes by means of typical symptoms alone. A lot of personal variations are seen with respect to symptoms of diabetes.

Is diabetes more common among men or women?
In most population it is not very different. Women seem to have higher prevalence in certain population due to increased obesity. Today in India, diabetes is found almost equally in men and women.

Can I lead a normal life with diabetes?
Yes. This is a disorder either due to defective action or deficiency of insulin. It is life style disorder. When the blood sugar is kept under control, a diabetic can have a healthy, normal life.

  • PUBLISHED DATE : Jun 15, 2016
  • LAST UPDATED ON : Jun 15, 2016


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